About JASA

Name: Japanese Association for Strabismus and Amblyopia (JASA)
Establishment: 1964
Members: 1,600 (Ophthalmologists and certified orthoptists)
The goals of JASA are to activate both basic and clinical investigations of development of vision and binocularity of children and of binocular dysfunction such as diplopia in adults cooperate with the Japanese society of Ophthalmology.

JASA is working following activities.

  1. Publishes society bulletin and annual society Journal.
  2. Organizes annual meeting.
  3. Establishes practice guideline for pediatric vision screening.
  4. Encourages and supports research on management of strabismus and amblyopia.
  5. Encourages and supports research on effects of digital devices for binocular vision.
  6. Educates ophthalmologists and orthoptists for pediatric eye care and strabismus.
  7. Communicates with related international societies
  8. Publicize pediatric eye care and adult strabismus management to citizens.